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Planning & Reports

A number of studies have been conducted and planning reports issued since the formation of the Richardson Center Corporation.


The first step in the planning process was completion of the Urban Land Institute Advisory PanelHistoric Structures and Cultural Landscape reports.  These documents, along with community involvement, informed the Master Plan.

Historic Structures Report

The Historic Structures Report provides detailed documentary, graphic, and physical information about the property’s history and existing conditions.  The recommendations serve as a guide for the rehabilitation and assist in decision-making regarding historic features.  The report was prepared by Goody Clancy in 2007.

Cultural Landscape Report

The Cultural Landscape Report documents the history, significance, and preservation treatment of the historic landscape by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux and serves as a basis for decisions made about the future of the grounds.  The report was prepared by Heritage Landscapes in 2007.

Master Plan and Generic Environmental Impact Statement

Developed throughout 2008 and 2009, the Master Plan assessed the Richardson Olmsted Campus buildings and site, adjacent neighborhoods and, with a strong public process, created a plan for long term development of the historic buildings and grounds.  The Master Plan was prepared by Chan Krieger Sieniewicz (now NBBJ).

The Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) assessed the potential for significant environmental effects of the Master Plan (such as land use, traffic, air quality, noise, and cultural and historic resources), and identified potential mitigation measures.

Other Planning Reports

South Lawn Site Plan
South Lawn Site Design Planning
Completed by Andropogon Associates, internationally recognized for ecologically-based landscape architecture and planning.

Phase I Cultural Resources Survey, April 2011
Completed by Panamerican Consultants and reviewed by the NY State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Preservation, the survey confirmed there were no archeological concerns, and re-landscaping of the South Lawn and relocation of the Parking Lot would have no adverse impact on cultural resources.

Urban Land Institute Advisory Panel, May 2007
Urban Land Institute (ULI) recommendations for reuse, rehabilitation, and redevelopment of the Richardson Olmsted Campus, provided a framework for guiding a reuse plan for the site.